They Sawed Up a Storm


Sarah Shea Smith is Extension professor and forest industry specialist, at the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension, a post she's held since 1989. Sarah has worked as a hardwood lumber inspector, a teacher, and a door-and-trim carpenter.  She holds a bachelor of science degree in forestry and a master's in occupational education from the University of New Hampshire.  Sarah and her husband, Peter, live in Newmarket, New Hampshire.

I would like to thank all of my colleagues who encouraged me to pursue the story. Special thanks to John Willey for introducing me to the women at Turkey Pond; The Durant Family for sharing their story; The University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension for allowing me the time to research the story; all of those who graciously allowed me to interview them; Linda Wilson and Jim Garvin at the New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources for their enthusiasm and encouragement; Peg Boyles for her gentle prodding, Debbie Anderson for her technical skills and my husband Peter Smith and niece Lauren Shea for lugging AV equipment and listening to my presentation way too many times. I would also like to thank Steve Long, Northern Woodlands Magazine and Eric Johnson, Northern Logger magazine for helping me get the word out about this story.
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